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    The War on Terror & Pakistan’s Elections Junaid S. Ahmad February 14, 2003

    The United States and Pakistan’s President General Pervez Musharraf, the best of friends, have done on their own what the people of Pakistan could never have. They have ensured the strong showing of the religious right—the six-party alliance called the Muttahida Majlis-i-Amal (MMA)—in the recent elections. With 45 seats in the National Assembly, majority support in the North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) and the largest presence in the Baluchistan provincial assembly, the MMA has emerged on the political scene with a bang. The elections to the National and Provincial Assemblies in Pakistan were held on October 10 under Gen. Musharraf’s version of guided democracy.

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    “Elections” in Kashmir Junaid S. Ahmad February 14, 2003

    The Indian government’s organizing of an elaborate exercise of “democratic elections” in Jammu and Kashmir began on September 15. Hundreds of thousands of army soldiers and paramilitary forces were deployed to ensure “free and fair elections.” Diplomatic staff of various European and North American powers moved to Sirinagar, the capital of Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOC), as “international observers” to certify that the elections would not be rigged this time, unlike practically every election in the past.

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    Pakistani Voices of Resistance Aasim Sajjad Akhtar August 01, 2005
      Unlike many parts of the world in recent years, the left in Pakistan has not reemerged as a mass political force representing the widespread dissent that working people are voicing against neo-liberalism.

    Unfortunately in Pakistan the most visible political force opposing imperialist expansion (at least on the surface) is the religious-right. The depravity and hollow sloganeering of the parties of the right is exposed by the fact that they have been as complicit in welcoming the penetration of multinational capital into the economy as any mainstream bourgeois party. Meanwhile the left has remained on the political margins. The politics of NGOs – an influential part of mass movements in Europe and parts of Latin America – has been suspect.

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    The US War on Pakistan Junaid Ahmad and Fouad Pervez December 16, 2008

    Pakistan, a country of now close to two hundred million people, is in the midst of major internal and external crises. The external problems are feeding into the internal ones and form the backdrop to understanding growing instability in the country and the region. Specifically, at a time of internal economic and political turmoil, Pakistan has been subject to unilateral military strikes by its supposed ally, the United States.

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