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Latin America

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    Colombia: Democracy in the Crossfire 23-7-10

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    Special Collection: "Horizontalidad" in Argentina 23-7-10

    "Horizontalism" is one of the ways in which so many here describe part of what they are doing and how they are doing it. Horizontalism is not an ideology, however, it is a relationship - a way of relating to one another in a directly democratic way while at the same time creating through the process of discovery. What has resulted is the creation of an amazing complex of movements, all linked, that range from hundreds of occupied and producing factories using forms of direct democracy and collective decision making, to dozens of neighborhood asambleas (assemblies), to dozens of piquetero groups, many of whom are organized into a network of the Movement of Unemployed Workers (MTD), and hundreds of autonomous neighborhood kitchens and centers of popular education.

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    An Antidote for Apathy: Venezuela's President Has Achieved a Level of Grassroots Participation Our Politicians Can Only Dream Of Selma James August 13, 2004

    Increasing numbers of people, especially the young, seem disconnected from an electoral process which, they feel, does not represent them. This is part of a general cynicism about every aspect of public life.

    Venezuela has many problems, but this is not one of them. Its big trouble - but also its great possibility - is that it has oil; it is the fifth largest exporter. The US depends on it and thus wants control over it. But the Venezuelan government needs the oil revenue, which US multinationals (among others) siphoned off for decades, for its efforts to abolish poverty. Hugo Chávez was elected to do just that in 1998, despite almost all of the media campaigning against him.

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    Article Collection: Zapatista's Red Alert and the Sixth Declaration Various Authors July 1, 2005

    Zapatista Red Alert

    On June 19, 2005, the E.Z.L.N. issued a communiqué declaring a General Red Alert, only the third since their January 1994 uprising. Good government offices were closed and solidarity activists were asked to leave the area or stay at their own risk. Subsequent communiqués stated that the Red Alert was a precautionary measure taken because the Zapatistas were in consultas. The Red Alert was lifted on July 11. This special article collection includes English and Spanish translations of all the relevant communiqués as well as news and analysis regarding the Red Alert. E.Z.L.N. Communiqués

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