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Melodious Light

Asia Rainey
Date Published: 




Patterson’s Porch Prophesies is pure oxygen for the soul. This CD is a diverse blend of works exhibiting Sunni’s calling to speak the truth and spread divine love. Weaving words that create a tapestry of the past, present, and our path into the future, Porch Prophesies is more than a spoken word compilation.

It is a journey into history and humanity: the riveting, rhythmic pictures of the past painted through “We Ain’t Come Here On No Cruise Ship.” It is a metaphoric community wake up call in “What’s Popping.” It is a call to our spirit in the beautiful “Song for Iya Oshun.”

“We Made It” is a perfect example of Sunni’s writing genius, using real life stories to teach, inspire, speak messages of social justice, and encourage the listener to think beyond the box.

There is no such thing as comparing one body of Sunni Patterson’s work to another, or to any other artists work, or even to limit her style with titles and categories. Each project is simply a continuation of her mission: to be a vessel for the Most High and bring melodious light wherever silence and darkness seeks to prevail.