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Homelessness but not Voiceless: Chicago Youth Organize Around the Prison-Industrial Complex

Ryanna Sandoval, Yunuen Rodriguez, Lara S. Brooks & Stephanie Gentry-Fernández
Date Published: 
June 01, 2008

Across Chicago, youth are speaking up against policing and imprisonment strategies of a state that has some of the most racist imprisonment practices in the country. Below, Left Turn guest editor Stephanie Gentry-Fernández collaborates with Chicago-based grassroots organizers to bring us a first-hand report of local organizing around this issue. Three youth organizations and one coalition effort are described by their members to provide a picture of the range of strategies youth are using to respond to “quality-of-life” policing and the threat of imprisonment. A joint project between the four organizing projects is also described in hopes of suggesting the additional power of collective action in the face of repression.