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January 01, 0001

from ZNet

On Thursday April 20, Hazel Hill, one of the Six Nations Kanienkehaka (Mohawk) leaders on the blockade at the Douglas Creek Estates near Caledonia, told me about her beating at the hands of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) hours before. Early that morning, at 5am, the blockade – not a protest, as Hill emphasized, but a reclamation - of about 100 people from the Six Nations Reserve had been assaulted by heavily armed police. The police came out in force. Exact numbers are unknown, but eyewitnesses said there were over 100 police knocking people down and clearing them out, guns drawn. They arrested 15, including a 14-year old child.

January 01, 0001
April 01, 2006

Post-Katrina New Orleans has become a battleground in the national fight over competing visions for the future of urban education. Last September, with the city evacuated and all the schools closed, with no parents or students or teachers around, suddenly anything became possible. Instead of making gradual changes to an existing system, there was no system, and virtually no rules or limits on what could be changed. “The framework has been exploded since the storm,” confirms New Orleans-based education reform advocate Aesha Rasheed. “It’s almost a blank slate for whatever agenda people want to bring.”

Before the storm and displacement, New Orleans had 128 public schools, 4,000 teachers and 60,000 students. The system was widely regarded as in crisis.

January 01, 0001

MEXICO CITY, June 23 (Reuters) - The Mexican government admitted on Thursday that a military report of marijuana plantations in Zapatista rebel territory that raised tensions in the state of Chiapas was not true.

A Defense Ministry report on Monday had said almost 200 soldiers destroyed 44 marijuana plantations in Chiapas in three drug raids on rebel soil last week.

But government spokesman Ruben Aguilar acknowledged the raids were not in areas controlled by the Zapatistas.

"The three municipalities where they found those 44 plantations are not in the Zapatistas' zone of influence but near them," he told journalists.

January 01, 0001

from La Jornada

The withdrawal of four military camps of the Mexican Army in the municipalities of Chenalho', Bochil and Ixtapa, signifies "no modification of their military strategy" in the so called conflict zone of Chiapas, affirmed the Centre for Political Analysis and Social and Economic Investigation (CAPISE).

In a report titled "The Olive Green Occupation", the organisation relates that the federal Army holds at present 111 positions in the territory of Chiapas, most of them in the Highlands (los Altos), the Selva and the North of the state; as a consequence the indigenous peoples "suffer an alarming military occupation".