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February 01, 2007

¡Ya cayó! ¡Ya cayó! ¡Ronaldo ya cayó!” So was the chant—adapted from the popular movements of Oaxaca—that closed out the 2006 Student/Farmworker Alliance (SFA) Encuentro in Immokalee, Florida in late September. The “Ronaldo” referred to is, of course, the all-too-ubiquitous symbol of fast-food giant McDonald’s—the main target in an escalating campaign by the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), a community-based, migrant worker-led organization fighting to secure better wages and working conditions for farmworkers in the McDonald’s tomato supply chain.

January 01, 0001

July 11,2006

RE: Henco Industries is building a subdivision on the unsurrendered "Haldimand Tract" for sale to non-Indigenous people who may be unaware that this is illegal.

WHEREAS the Women are the "Title Holders" of the land of Rotinoshon'non:we as recalled by Wampum 44 of the Kaianereh'ko:wa.

WHEREAS the "Title" held by the Women represents a trust obligation to maintain the land for the future generations of our Nations as recalled by Wampum 44.

WHEREAS the Canadian Government knows this land is subject to litigation resulting from fraudulent and dubious practices. Canada has allowed permits to be given out to Indian land it does not have title to. Gen.

January 01, 0001

from Memoria

July 13, 2006

The events in San Salvador Atenco compel us to address the issues of what phase the country is in and what the left can and should do in order to be able, first, to defend the margins for democracy and, simultaneously, to prepare an anti-capitalist solution to the crisis which is assailing us. Inflammatory rhetoric is of no use for guidance or for changing anything, since insults and threats do not kill anyone.

Where are we, then? The social movements – which are few in number – are all defensive: like the miners, La Parota, the very combative indigenous campesinos of the Isthmus and the union front which is defending its autonomy.


Hi everyone. First of all, I am fine as are family and friends. We're scattered in different places, some still in the south, some in Tyre, the rest in Beirut and its surroundings. Those who live in the southern suburbs where Hizbullah is based managed to leave before the latest strikes and are safe with relatives.

    In this interview from Beirut, Saseen Kawzally describes the Israeli attacks on Lebanon, the background to the crisis, and its possible trajectories. Saseen Kawzally is active in left activism in Lebanon and has worked with Beirut Indymedia in the past. Jerome Klassen visited Lebanon in 2004 and is currently a student in Toronto. This interview occurred by phone over the past few days.

JK: Israel has imposed a siege on Lebanon and is bombing the country from the air and the sea. Can you describe the situation?