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Mickey Z
January 01, 0001
    Now I’ve drawn closed the curtain
    in this little booth where the truth
    has no place to stand
    and I am feeling oh so powerless
    in this stupid booth with this useless
    little lever in my hand.

    —Ani DiFranco, “Birmingham

Did the last year’s anti-war protests occur because Bush is a Republican and has surrounded himself with the likes of Rumsfeld, Cheney, Powell, Rice, and Ashcroft while Clinton, a purported liberal, enjoyed more freedom to commit war crimes?

Bush demonized Hussein as the “next Hitler” in order to attack him. The Left demonized Bush with Hitler comparisons. I’ve written many articles criticizing US policy towards Iraq and have received countless e-mails of support.

January 01, 0001

We are calling for a national campaign to take advantage of this election year to emphasize the power of direct action and to present direct democracy as a viable alternative to representation. This campaign will include literature distribution, postering and stickering, demonstrations, educational events, and other forms of community outreach, both in our own communities and around the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. It will culminate in a nationwide day of direct action on November 2, election day.


from Chiapas Peace House

In the past few days the EZLN has issued four communiqués declaring a state of Red Alert in autonomous zones in Chiapas as a "precautionary defensive measure." Significantly, this means that members of civil society have been asked to leave Zapatista territory as the EZLN circles the wagons in preparation for an internal consultation. The Peace House and many other groups in Chiapas are monitoring the situation for further developments. Currently, there has been no call for international human rights observers.

In the first communiqué, Subcomandante Marcos strongly criticizes Mexico's political parties; notably, he compares leftist presidential candidate Lopez Obrador to Salinas de Gotari, neoliberal president from 1988 to 1994.

January 01, 0001

Originally published in Spanish by the Zapatista Army of National Liberation

[ Translated by irlandesa (Original Spanish follows) ]

Zapatista Army of National Liberation. Mexico.

Sixth Declaration of the Selva Lacandona

This is our simple word which seeks to touch the hearts of humble and simple people like ourselves, but people who are also, like ourselves, dignified and rebel. This is our simple word for recounting what our path has been and where we are now, in order to explain how we see the world and our country, in order to say what we are thinking of doing and how we are thinking of doing it, and in order to invite other persons to walk with us in something very great which is called Mexico and something greater which is called the world.

January 01, 0001

Originally published in Spanish by the EZLN
[ Translated by irlandesa ]

Zapatista Army of National Liberation Mexico.

V - What We Want To Do

We are now going to tell you what we want to do in the world and in Mexico, because we cannot watch everything that is happening on our planet and just remain quiet, as if it were only we were where we are.

What we want in the world is to tell all of those who are resisting and fighting in their own ways and in their own countries, that you are not alone, that we, the zapatistas, even though we are very small, are supporting you, and we are going to look at how to help you in your struggles and to speak to you in order to learn, because what we have, in fact, learned is to learn.