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The Future of Left Turn: We have some major news about the future of Left Turn. We have published the final issue of our print publication. This decision did not come easily, but in the end we felt we had no choice. This is not, however, the end of Left Turn...Read more

January 01, 2007

Left Turn magazine introduces a forum in which voices of the Left will discuss the two-party system, grassroots activism, and the 2004 electoral contest. Our hope is that these contributions help further the discourse about what role, if any, activists should play in the upcoming elections. This will be a regular section in Left Turn magazine and on our website through November, 2004.

January 01, 0001
    We’re supposed to think globally and act locally, right? Well, then it makes sense that we should start campaigning locally. The other side, the corporate side, runs candidates for every office from city council to president. We have to start doing the same thing if we’re going to change the political debate on globalization.” --— Adam Benedetto, Green candidate for Dane County Sheriff, Wisconsin

When tens of thousands of activists marched into the streets of Seattle on November 30, 1999, to protest against the World Trade Organization’s policies, April Fairfield was in the thick of it.

January 01, 0001

Thanks so much for sharing "Politics Belongs to Everyone" on your website.

I hope the feedback makes for productive discussion. My perspective is not very critical of the piece. Personally, I've seen the global justice movement spin off in so many directions. And to see that original potential realized, we must affirm the accomplishments, bravery and inherent worth of each endeavor as a continuation of our spirited mobilizations.

Our persistence did not strike fear into the WTO, but emboldened our allies among the delegates of the third world to bring it down from the inside.

January 01, 0001

I hate to be the bearer of bad news. But for people of any political persuasion who care about civil liberties or human rights, the lot of Democratic presidential contenders is abysmal. I – a watcher of the Bush administration’s dismantling of civil liberties in the name of a global, and eternal, war on “terror” – have watched Democrats in the Congress vote in the USA Patriot Act and the Homeland Security Act (which has received little press coverage) with virtually no debate and even less dissent.

On our side

Rep. Dennis Kucinich is the only one who could be trusted to curb the incursion of civil liberties. Though he voted for the PATRIOT Act, he has had a change of heart, at least as to some of its provisions.

January 01, 0001

Who would have thought the candidate who confessed to rarely setting foot outside the United States and promised a more “humble foreign policy” would be the president who put international affairs at the top of the US political agenda? The September 11th attacks changed everyone’s vision of the US in the world, but the alacrity and brutality with which the Bush administration took up the gauntlet revealed a grand strategy of US supremacy designed well before the attacks.

The National Security Strategy of George W. Bush, his cabinet, and right-wing advisers has shaken the foundations of the global polity.