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January 01, 0001


The Democratic and Republican national conventions this summer will be little more than coronation ceremonies. But the Green Party convention, which kicks off today in Milwaukee, promises drama as delegates debate whether to support independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader. We host a debate between Nader's running mate Peter Camejo and the leading Green Party candidate David Cobb.

Today in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Green Party national convention kicks off in what will likely prove the most dramatic of this year's political conventions. That is largely due to an announcement earlier this week by independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader that he had selected Peter Camejo as his running mate.

March 01, 2006
    In the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, thousands of progressives, radicals, anarchists, activists, hippies and college students — the majority of them white — have gone down south to aid in relief and rebuilding efforts, and white organizations across the country have dedicated time and resources. But in their rush to help, are they recreating the racist dynamics we have seen from the government?

Is the white left racist?

March 01, 2006
    Social movements and activist groups in the Arab world are rarely acknowledged or heard about in the west. Even worse, recently the Bush administration has tried to take credit for the work of these grassroots groups, who struggle and protest under the most repressive conditions. One dynamic group in Egypt called Kifaya (meaning “Enough” in Arabic) has not only brought the politics of protest to the streets of Cairo but has dramatically changed “politics as usual” in Egypt under the US-backed regime of Hosni Mubarak.

On December 12, 2004, a small group of people gathered outside an imposing court at the heart of Downtown Cairo.

AK Gupta
March 01, 2006
    More than three years after an anti-war movement first took shape, momentum is on the side of those calling for an end to the US occupation of Iraq. President Bush’s approval ratings continue to slide as the number of Americans opposed to his handling of the war approaches two-thirds of the public. Congress has been locked in a rancorous debate over the course of the war and an increasing rate of US casualties indicates that the armed resistance in Iraq is growing in sophistication and capability.

The anti-war movement has made significant strides in forging a broad-based struggle to end the war and occupation.

January 01, 0001
    “Free The People from the prejudices that pop culture places in their psyche permanently”.

    A compilation of hip-hop and spoken word, dedicated to the youth of Palestine, inspired by the global struggle for peace and justice, 2005.

    At a time when hip-hop’s conscious origins seem rarely evident in light of a more exploited form that focuses on faux-thug trends, a culture of awareness seems to be making a comeback to the forefront of hip-hop (the mainstream included). What would be a better time for socially conscious hip-hop to go global? Palestinians, that's right PALESTINIANS, have hit the hip-hop scene en-masse; even coming to the screen with a soon-to-be-released documentary entitled "Slingshot Hip Hop".