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January 01, 0001

Peter Camejo has officially said he will not seek the Green Party nomination for President and advocates that the Green Party endorse Ralph Nader. We at therefore urge Greens to support the following statements:

1. The Greens Should Be in the Forefront of the Nader Campaign Coalition
2. The Green Party National Convention Should Endorse the Nader Campaign
The 2004 Nader for President campaign is developing as a broad coalition drawing support from across the political spectrum.

March 01, 2004

As someone who is actively campaigning to earn the Green Party’s nomination for President of the United States, I want to acknowledge that the unelected and illegitimate current occupant of the White House is a problem. In fact, he is a big problem. But he is not THE problem. The real problem is the social, political, and economic system that is literally destroying the planet, driving the engine of empire on behalf of transnational corporations, and creating an unjust, oppressive and unsustainable world with the plunder.

Green quest

Folks, the social, political, and economic system is the problem, and the Green Party stands ready and willing to work with you to challenge it!

March 01, 2004

On December 9, 2003, centrist Democrat Gavin Newsom beat Green Party candidate (and member of the Board of Supervisors) Matt Gonzalez in a closely contested run-off election for Mayor of San Francisco. The election held implications for urban electoral politics across the nation. San Francisco’s liberal political establishment – an assortment of labor unions, community groups and Democratic clubs were openly split at the prospect of a Green Party upset.

For progressives, the choice was transparent. Gonzalez brought to the ballot box not just his candidacy, but also a ballot measure which successfully established a municipal minimum wage of $8.50, which equals a two to three thousand dollars annual raise for low-wage workers.

March 01, 2004

Ralph Nader plans to announce this month whether he’ll be running for president in 2004. Some believe that such a campaign is needed to make a strong political statement nationwide. But if Nader does run this year, what kind of support – in the form of volunteers, resources and votes – could he reasonably expect?

Results of a nationwide survey, released in late December, provide a stark look at the current inclinations of people who’ve been part of his electoral base.

Ted Glick
January 01, 0001


What an emotional rollercoaster the Green Party Presidential nomination contest has been! What a fascinating development, Independent Ralph Nader choosing Peter Camejo, the 2002-03 Green Party California gubernatorial candidate and, as the AP reported, who "ran for president as the Socialist Workers Party nominee in 1976," as his Vice-Presidential running mate, doing so despite his often-expressed and carried-through on plans to reach out to disaffected Republicans, conservative independents and what's left of the Reform Party!

It is clear to me that a primary reason Nader did so was because he realized that there is a very real possibility that he will not be endorsed in Milwaukee this coming Saturday.