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January 01, 0001

Enthusiastic support for front-running Democratic presidential contenders Wesley Clark and Howard Dean from liberals and some progressives reveals the dismal state of oppositional politics in America.

A Venesky
January 01, 2007

As the prospect that John Kerry will be the Democratic nominee for President grows, it seems many Americans have again succumbed to the politics of fear — this time, of another Bush term. (That’s not to underplay the appalling mass media trashing of a certain spunky centrist from Vermont.)

Don’t get me wrong, the "anyone but Bush" argument does carry heavy weight. There’s certainly evidence suggesting Kerry intends to safeguard abortion rights, and somewhat improve workers’ conditions — though his wife is a million-dollar shareholder in Wal-Mart, America's largest, most notorious employer.

On the environment, known as his strongest issue, Kerry's criticized the Bush administration for its inaction on the Kyoto Agreement.

January 01, 0001

Ralph Nader is currently meeting with small groups of Greens and other supporters of his 2000 presidential campaign across the country to explore the possibilities of a 04 presidential bid. While many of his former supporters are encouraging him to once again throw his hat into the ring, others have been outspoken in their advice for him to sit this one out.

January 01, 0001

Last week I was encouraging Ralph Nader to join the 2004 presidential race, defending him against his many critics. Who knew that I needed to add at the end of "Run, Ralph, Run", that he needs to do it on the Green Party ballot? Last Friday, not only did Nader announce that is he not seeking the Green Party nomination but that he is considering running as an independent, an option that I consider to be disastrous to both Ralph and the Green Party. There is no way Ralph can pull off any kind of campaign with out the grass root support of Green Party members, not to mention use of the party's ballot status. And an independent Nader campaign will split the party, not in any major way to be sure, but enough to slow its momentum and drag local chapters into bitter fights.

March 01, 2004


The Green Party is at a crossroads. The 2004 elections place before us a clear and unavoidable choice. On one side, we can continue on the path of political independence, building a party of, by and for the people by running our own campaign for President of the United States. The other choice is the well-trodden path of lesser evil politics, sacrificing our own voice and independence to support whoever the Democrats nominate in order; we are told, to defeat Bush.

The difference is not over whether to "defeat Bush" - understanding by that the program of corporate globalization and the wars and trampling of the Constitution that come with it - but rather how to do it.