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January 01, 0001

As President of the Ohio State Campus Greens in the 2003-04 school year, and as an activist in the organization the year before, I've had the privelege of observing student activism emerge out of February 15th, 2003, at one of our nation's largest universities firsthand. It began in a small room in our student union where students outraged at the looming Bush War against Iraq, overwhelmed our student government body meeting to urge that body to pass a resolution against the war. That night, they did- an action that in turn spawned a popular coalition of progressives to run for student government that year.

Mark Hand
January 01, 0001

from CounterPunch

Researchers and investigative reporters are fascinated with the neoconservatives, that group of American empire peddlers who turned George W. Bush into a junkie war criminal. A similar group, the New Democrats, has been pushing its own dangerous brand of U.S. hegemony but with much less fanfare.

The leading mouthpiece for the New Democrats' radical interventionist program could be our next president.

January 01, 0001

from CounterPunch

    "The Cause of Israel is the Cause of America"

My first trip to Israel made real for me all I'd believed about Israel.

I was allowed to fly an air force jet from the Ovda Airbase. It was then that Israeli insecurity about narrow borders became very real to me. In a matter of minutes, I came close to violating the airspace of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. From that moment on, I felt as Israelis do: The promise of peace must be secure before the Promised Land is secure on a thin margin of land.

Back on the ground on that first trip, I toured the country from Kibbutz Mizgav Am to Masada to the Golan.

January 01, 0001

from New Statesman

A myth equal to the fable of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction is gaining strength on both sides of the Atlantic. It is that John Kerry offers a world-view different from that of George W Bush. Watch this big lie grow as Kerry is crowned the Democratic candidate and the "anyone but Bush" movement becomes a liberal cause celebre.

While the rise to power of the Bush gang, the neoconservatives, belatedly preoccupied the American media, the message of their equivalents in the Democratic Party has been of little interest. Yet the similarities are compelling.

January 01, 0001

from Associated Press

WASHINGTON - Prominent gay rights groups are ready to issue an election-year pass to Democratic presidential front-runner John Kerry (news - web sites) even though he opposes same-sex marriage, settling for less than they want in hopes of avoiding a constitutional amendment they fear.

"It's always disappointing when we find elected officials or candidates who do not support us 100 percent," said Winnie Stachelberg, political director of the Human Rights Campaign.

"But we understand that people are on a journey of becoming more understanding and more supportive of all that affects the gay and lesbian community."

Democrats have aggressively courted gay voters and their campaign donations in recent years.