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August 01, 2005
    The Iraqi/Jordanian border is a land of desolation. Coils of razor wire stretch into the desert whilst sun-grayed plastic bags caught in their sharpness flap in the hot, dry winds. In No Man’s Land, Jamail exposes yet another face of the human consequences of the US occupation of Iraq — the suffering and resistance of displaced Kurdish-Iranian and Palestinian refugees.

Long columns of trucks wait at the Jordanian border to carry their loads of supplies into war-torn Iraq. When Iraqi drivers wish to enter Jordan, they now wait up to 18 days to be allowed in. The al-Karama border is a land of waiting, but not just for the truck drivers. There have been others waiting to enter Jordan for far longer.

August 03, 2005

The merry-go-around of Lebanese politics of changing loyalties and shifting alliances since the assassination of former prime minister Rafiq Harriri on February 14, has finally arrived at its natural resting place: religious sectarianism, or “confessionalism,” as it is referred to here. Millions protested in downtown Beirut calling for “freedom, sovereignty, and independence” and the mafia Syrian regime in control of Lebanon for nearly 30 years dramatically withdrew. Many optimistically predicted a new beginning for this divided land – a time of unity and prosperity. No more excuses about external forces meddling in our affairs, the Lebanese will finally control their own fate.

August 01, 2005
    Kole Kilibarda of the Toronto-based Palestinian political prisoner solidarity group Sumuod discusses the importance of building a cross-border movement linking prisoner struggles in North America to those of Palestinians living under Israeli occupation.

Umm and Abu Hussein’s two sons, Sami and Yasser, are being held in Jelboa and Nakab prisons. Physical reminders of their presence come in the form of two pictures that Umm Hussein has hung on the walls of the family reception room. Similar pictures hang from the walls of many neighboring homes in Nablus’ old city and the surrounding refugee camps of Askar, Balata and El-Ein – as they do throughout Palestine.

January 01, 0001

With low poll numbers, high-profile indictments, worldwide condemnation and increasing criticism from within their own party, the Bush administration seems to finally have lost their air of invulnerability. In fact, it appears that a new scandal breaks almost every week. From going on the defensive on torture to admitting that the administration has illegally been spying on it’s citizens, Bush and co. have stayed on the run from the media and down in public opinion—the source of this unrest are the two ongoing disasters of New Orleans and Iraq.

No event has dramatized the warped priorities of the current regime quite like the continuing Gulf Coast catastrophe.

January 01, 0001

I spent a sleepless night last night thinking about the Nader/Camejo ticket and the Green Party's dilemma. I love and admire both Nader and Camejo, and have had a close working relationship with both of them for many years. I totally support their anti-war, anti- corporate, pro-democracy message. But I don't think their campaign will bring us any closer to the world we want to build.

The Nader/Camejo ticket can't win, will create tremendous division within the progressive movement and might well help elect George Bush. This would be disastrous for our party, our county and our planet.