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November 01, 2005

While Karl Rove and the Bush Administration scrambled to contain their most recent ‘PR problem,’ sending in armed guardsmen and scheduling a series of press conferences, out in the flooded cities, everyday people were struggling to come to their neighbor’s rescue. It should come as no surprise that the formula for bringing ‘order’ to New Orleans is the same as bringing ‘peace and stability’ to the Middle East: send in the troops and award the reconstruction contracts to the ol’ crew at Halliburton!

People are waking up.

In Texas, weeks before Katrina hit, the Bush Administration was losing another battle as Cindy Sheehan and a growing number of military families were forcing the US media to cover the story they have so far intentionally avoided: the disaster in Iraq.

November 01, 2005

An internet search of the words “disengagement” and “Gaza” yields over 600,000 hits. Yet there is so little published information about the genesis of this unilateral Israeli action or its intended result. Upon re-election in February 2003, Sharon stated vaguely that his new government would remove Arafat and “end terrorism.” Since Israel had killed nearly 1500 Palestinians the year before, many wondered what he would do. The same year the US government attacked Iraq and sent congress requests for $9 billion in “loan guarantees” for Israel and $1 billion in additional direct aid.

November 01, 2005
    Once upon a time, being labeled an affiliate of the state was a nasty indictment in radical movements. Today some of the movement’s best and brightest openly and proudly claim membership in organizations whose link to the state—either through direct public funding or mere tax-reporting—are unambiguous and well-documented. I am speaking of the impressive number of radical-minded grassroots groups that, while continuing to sincerely abide by the ethos of “our movement,” have assumed the form of a Non-Profit (NP) entity.

Non-profits, also known as non-governmental organizations (NGO), are often stripped down to their barest and most essential nature as an IRS tax category: the 501(c)3.

November 01, 2005
    A flashpoint of xenophobia, neoliberalism, and militarism—the US-Mexico border is the center of an international debate about undocumented people in the US. What the debate does nothing to address, however, is why so many people are fleeing their lands to come to the US.

Lucresia Dominguez Luna didn’t know a soul in Tucson, but nearly 70 people gathered at a local church in late July for her funeral.

November 01, 2005
    It’s any given weekday and the multi-billion dollar Bay Area economy is churning to the song of super-profits. From Montgomery Street in downtown San Francisco, to the Sharon Center of Silicon Valley, to Broadway in the city of Oakland—markets are buzzing with wheeling, dealing, and speculation, all in hopes of discovering the next “big thing.” While local and state governments continue to slash social spending due to a recession, the numbers indicate it is business as usual for the Bay Area elite. In fact, the business world dubbed 2004 as “The Year in Black,” which boasts that for the last two years, the top 200 Bay Area-based corporations have more than doubled their profits.