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November 01, 2005

When I first saw previews for Kingdom of Heaven, I thought at best it was going to be just like Gladiator, and at worst, another Hollywood film that would villainize Muslims and turn the history of the Crusades upside down. Then the director, Ridley Scott, was confronted by a reporter on TV about making the Crusaders look like the bad guys. The segment also gave the Syrian star that plays Saladin an opportunity to talk about the rich Islamic history and his lifelong dream of playing this role. The report ended with an archival clip of the White House Chief of Staff apologizing for Bush's use of the word "crusade" in talking about the war on Iraq.

November 01, 2005

In the year since Washington, DC's hardest working MC, Head-Roc, dropped his solo debut project, The Return of Black Broadway, the "Broadway" got whiter. U Street's most prominent apartment building, The Ellington, is way out of the financial league of the city's majority blacks who are reeling from a reported 10-14 percent unemployment rate. A tanning salon now sits on the once famed black corridor and the organized new residents have successfully banned live hip-hop performance from all clubs in the neighborhood. All that's left of the Black Broadway are a hodge-podge of informational walking tour street signs saying that it used to be there. What's behind all of this?

May 01, 2005

Recent debates concerning how to restructure unions look to bring about fundamental change in the US labor movement amidst decades of decline and threats from Bush to Wal-Mart. Are the new proposals the keys to reversing labor's decline or more of the same? What role will rank-and-file workers have in the process of reexamination and transformation?

2005 may mark a turning point for the US labor movement, as the efforts of the New Unity Partnership (NUP) may bring about drastic structural changes. The NUP is a grouping of the leaders of four unions: Service Employees International Union (SEIU), the recently merged needletrade and hotel workers union UNITE-HERE, the Laborers' union, and the Carpenters' union.

February 01, 2005
    The US elections revealed the unfortunate fact that a large section of the American population does not appreciate the profound mess created by the Bush administration in Iraq. Fresh figures of US casualties for November easily matched the record set last April (2003) when occupation forces besieged Najaf and Falluja. And December looks just as grim - the first weekend alone harvested 80 Iraqi deaths, mostly national guardsmen or police, who are being slaughtered by the dozens at the hands of the resistance. No doubt, the road to the Iraqi elections set for the end of January will be paved with blood. Much of the American public's ignorance is probably due to media manipulation or Pentagon spin.
February 01, 2005
    The corporate media in the US fondly use the term ‘election season’ to build up to that grandest of spectacles which takes place once every four years. This year, flanking the domestic main event, we have seen — so we are told — free and fair elections taking place to finally express the will of the ‘newly liberated’ people of the world, in areas such as Afghanistan. Indeed, if we were to believe the words of power, we should be giddy with joy to find ourselves inundated with stories of democracy and freedom bestowed upon others from above by our benevolent rulers.

Looking at the facts, however, gives a perhaps more sobering picture.