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February 01, 2005
    If another world were possible, ideally its political institutions would not resemble the alienating individualism and unaccountable representation of the current state. What kinds of alternative political institutions are the being imagined? What gains can be fought for now in service of this larger political vision? Most importantly, how can movements, in their organizing structures and strategies, prefigure a future society based on solidarity, diversity and democracy?

To engage the state one must answer two key questions. What do we want now? What do we want later?

February 01, 2005
    There are new politics rising throughout the world. Unlike thirty years ago, these politics are not centered on the idea that in order to make change, movements must acquire state power. Rather — in recognizing the state’s inability to provide true self-determination — they relocate power in the ability of communities to create change in the present, without narrowing or bureaucratizing visions for the future. In the following interview, Marina Sitrin and John Holloway observe and articulate these new political — or “non-political”— tendencies.

    John Holloway is the author of Change the World Without Taking Power and co-author of Zapatista!

August 01, 2005
    As the mainstream corporate media continues its vilification of Palestinians, the next generation of Palestinian journalists is ready to counteract the lies.

As the world focuses on the ragged details of whether or not the illegal Israeli settlers will “disengage” from the occupied Gaza strip, Ariel Sharon’s genocidal policies are moving ahead at full speed in the occupied West Bank. Settlements are being built around the clock, the suffocating apartheid wall is snaking through people’s land, and the Israeli military with its aggressive tactics continues to kill innocent children and civilians.

August 01, 2005
    1969. The Bogside. Occupied County Derry, Ireland. Barricades are erected by the Bogside residents around their community to defend against violent police raids, loyalist attacks, and recently re-deployed British occupation forces. The area inside the barricades is declared “Free Derry,” a no-go area for police and British troops and a direct affront to the authority of the Stormont Parliament.

Free Derry challenged the sovereignty claims of the British government and their ability to occupy and control the six counties. Graffiti was scrawled on the gable wall of a House that read, “You Are Now Entering Free Derry.” That defining sign was later turned into a monument that would remain forever at the entrance to the Bogside.

August 01, 2005
    Disgusted by the national labor establishment’s blind support for US foreign policy in the Middle East, trade unionists and Palestinian-liberation activists have initiated a campaign called Labor for Palestine.